My First Year with 3 Words

One thing that I want to write for today is the recap of my 3 words for 2017.

This is the first time that I tried this concept and all I can say is that setting these words helped me a lot in focusing on my goals. For 2017, my 3 words were Move, Make and Meaning.

I am currently reading along with my blog post and try to recall everything that happened for that words this year.


This was a reminder for me to take care of my health. This year I can honestly say that I “moved” more compared to 2016. There was a time that I was doing push-ups every day. I also tried yoga and I love the effect that it did on my body. Overall, 2017 was better but I know that I’m still not where I want to be. I was still inconsistent and was on and off with my daily exercise habit.


This is connected to my passion which is lettering. I wanted to create more since I consumed more than I create the previous year. I posted around 60+ lettering pieces on Instagram and I also had the chance to do some paid lettering work this year.

Since this word is also connected to my finances, 2017 was the year that I started looking for a day job which was my Plan A to make money again. I know that I need to start earning right away. I did not get accepted to the first company that I applied to last January. Then in March, I got a job offer but it was least than my previous salary and negotiations to get an increase was not successful. The ironic thing that happened was I got hired again by the company that let me go 2 years ago. So in a way, I had hit my goal of prioritizing to make money.

This is also the year where I got my first international client and got my highest fee for a lettering project which was $320. I also earned from an affiliate link that I got from a course I purchased in 2015 which was $600. Then I got 3 lettering projects this December and is set to earn 15,000 pesos for 3 lettering projects. I was not that focused on going all in with my lettering work earlier this year since I was thinking that I should try doing other types of jobs first like becoming a web designer and a social media manager. But it just led to analysis paralysis and I end up not making significant progress. Now, I’m all in on pursuing a career in graphic design.


Out of all the 3 words, I do feel that this one has the greatest impact this year. I made a goal to come out of my comfort zone and start reaching out and interacting with people. I started with the community and online groups that I am a part of. Being active in the seanwes Community led to knowing some fellow lettering artists which then gave birth to the Haus of Letterers Collective. Posting my 3 words for the day in Medium led to the formation of our Art LG support group within my fellow servants at WFFA.

The greatest thing that also happened was just going out there and being purposeful with the events that I attended this year. I was really eager to connect with like-minded people and I made it a goal to find people who are already successful in what I am trying to do which is becoming a full-time freelancer. I got introduced to the Freelance Blenders Group and got to know most of the Freelancing Influencers here in the Philippines. I joined some local courses, The Road to 100k Masterclass, The Freelance Movement Masterclass and Social Media Academy which gave me some sort of support group and the accountability that I am looking for in order to be successful with my quest to become a full-time freelancer.

That’s about it for 2017! It was a great year overall. In one word, I can say that it is a transition year for me. I am making some sacrifices and I am seeing something change within me. I know that it will just continue to happen in 2018 and I just have to keep working so I can complete my transition and start a new career in the near future.

I am very thankful for all the blessings that I received this year. I am feeling great to have accomplished 365 days of daily writing. Clarity was the biggest benefit that I gained from it and I am planning to do this once again in 2018. Happy New Year! May we all experience abundance this coming year!